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For marine and corrosive environments.


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ultra durable concrete.
Add an extra layer of protection to structural steel in concrete structures with a corrosion inhibitor

what is a corrosion Inhibitor?

In the design of concrete structures, the primary concern is the corrosion of steel reinforcement. The rebars provide the tensile strength that concrete lacks, making them crucial for the structural integrity of reinforced concrete.

The primary reasons for corrosion in these structures are chloride ions (from de-icing salts or marine environments) and carbonation from atmospheric carbon dioxide.
When these agents penetrate the concrete, they can reach the steel and initiate corrosion, leading to structural issues.

Corrosion inhibitors reduce the rate of corrosion of the reinforcing steel in concrete structures, extending the lifespan of concrete structures and reduce maintenance costs.

Adding it to the mix also improves the physical properties of the concrete.

how corrosion inhibitors help concrete structures

Protecting Steel Reinforcement

Corrosion inhibitors form a protective layer around the steel, preventing the ingress of corrosive agents like chloride ions and carbon dioxide.

Extending Service Life

By slowing down the corrosion process, corrosion inhibitors can extend the service life of concrete structures, reducing the need for frequent repairs or replacement.

Cost Savings

Early prevention of corrosion can lead to significant cost savings in the long-term, as major repairs or replacements can be expensive.

Maintaining Structural Integrity

Corrosion can compromise the structural integrity of a building or infrastructure. By preventing or slowing down this process, corrosion inhibitors ensure that structures remain safe and functional.

Sensicrete® ultra is only part of the story.


low carbon

Low Carbon Solutions for sustainable construction. Reduce Carbon & Increase Durability – a less is more approach.


self healing

Reduce the amount of steel reinforcement, increase the lifespan of structures, and reduce maintenance of concrete structures.



Eco-engineering combines biomimicry with self-healing concrete to create nature inclusive structures and coastal defences.



Ultra-durable concrete structures by combining low-carbon concrete with self-healing additive + additional protection to structural steel in with a corrosion inhibitor.

frequently asked questions

No, the admixture used in Sensicrete® Ultra is non-hazardous, and creates no alkali-aggregate reaction (AAR).

The admixture used in our mix is also an accelerator, and helps with the curing time and early concrete strength.

They can typically be used in CEM I and CEM III mixes or other standard mixes that contain cement. 

Our corrosion inhibitor is a speciality grade of calcium nitrate used as additive to concrete admixtures. It also improves the physical properties of the concrete acting as a settling accelerator, strength enhancer, anti-freezing agent and corrosion inhibitor.

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