The UK's first commercial bio-based self-healing concrete

Concrete that senses cracks and seals them automatically

Powered by award-winning patented technology, our ultra-durable concrete increases the life span of structures and removes the need for repair.

Sensicrete offers substantial cost savings on structures with zero maintenance costs and adds an extra layer of protection to the steel reinforcement.

Less Carbon - More Durable

Sensicrete will lower the carbon footprint of concrete without affecting its performance or structural design. The new concrete mixes use less cement and steel, resulting in less embodied carbon, and increases the design life of the concrete structure.


  • C02
  • Steel 
  • Cement 
  • Concrete
  • Water
  • Maintenance 


  • Sustainable 
  • Durable
  • Versatile 
  • Resilient 
  • Value

Greater Durability

Crack widths up to 0.8mm sealed, compared to 0.2mm with crystalline agents

Concrete mix complies with European design codes

Granular capsules with bacteria feed to ensure longevity

Excellent fire resistance 

Suitable for concrete with a minimum of 30% cement

Increase water tightness where crack widths <0.2mm

Lower embodied carbon

Less reinforcement required to reduce cracks in concrete

Lower concrete cover to steel means less concrete required

Reduces the need for plastic membranes used for waterproofing

Removes the need and costs of concrete repair products

30% increase in concrete life leads to 72kg less CO2 per cubic metre


Self-Healing Concrete Applications

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