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Working with nature to build a better future.


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a smarter approach.
Nature is full of inspiration on how we can build better and create a more sustainable future.
Nature-based solutions (NbS) add value to this process by removing more CO2 from the atmosphere. This helps to protect, manage, and restore ecosystems.
Our focus is to provide land-based solutions that make local environments greener – ‘greening the grey’ and water-based products that increase the durability of concrete structures and biodiversity for blue infrastructure. 

Bringing structures to life with nature

By increasing the amount of nature in urban environments, we can improve biodiversity and offset the carbon footprint within these areas.

We’re currently working on projects involving ‘living’ walls, also known as ‘green’ walls. These are vertical structures covered by greenery – they can be retrofitted to structures or added to existing precast products.

We also have a range of precast products for marine environments, including our award-winning eco-rock armour. 

benefits of nature based solutions

Implementing nature based solutions creates benefits on different scales, including biodiversity net gain on construction projects.


Cooling air temperatures in cities, supporting biodiversity, improving air quality, and providing greater aesthetic appeal.


Reduces noise pollution and heat energy of structures and offset carbon emission of structures with natural growth.


Improves the psychological and physical well-being of residents living in these environments.


Nature-inclusive concrete structures that create marine habitats, build coastal ecosystems and increase biodiversity.

nature based solutions are only part of the story.


low carbon

Low Carbon Solutions for sustainable construction. Reduce Carbon & Increase Durability – a less is more approach.


self healing

Reduce the amount of steel reinforcement, increase the lifespan of structures, and reduce maintenance of concrete structures.



Eco-engineering combines biomimicry with self-healing concrete to create nature inclusive structures and coastal defences.



Ultra-durable concrete structures by combining low-carbon concrete with self-healing additive + additional protection to structural steel in with a corrosion inhibitor.

frequently asked questions

Nature based solutions can be: 

  1. Land-based – green and living walls for urban environments 
  2. Water-based – biomimetic structures for marine environments, sea walls to protect coastal ecosystems from erosion 

Nature based solutions:

  • Make concrete less intrusive
  • Encourage marine habitats and coastal ecosystems 
  • Increase biodiversity around concrete structures
  • Offset carbon emission of structures with natural growth
  • Create resilient, low carbon concrete structures with increased design life
  • Lower the risk of environmental degradation in protected areas 

Along coastlines, nature based solutions can enhance the resilience of structures to protect against flooding and rises in sea levels. Restoring and conserving breakwaters, groynes and sea walls can help dissipate wave energy, acting as a first line of defence to protect coastal environments. 

Nature based solutions can be considered ‘natural climate solutions’ in their ability to conserve, restore and help better manage ecosystems to remove CO2 from the atmosphere. This could involve planting new forests, better forest management, as well as conserving and restoring coastal wetlands e.g. mangroves.
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