We empower businesses to fast-track their innovation process, and get products to market quicker.

built environment accelerator

We seek, support and collaborate with accademics, SMEs and ambitious construction companies to fast-track their ideas and bring them to market.

our network

our approach


Businesses must innovate to grow – it also enables them to engage with new and existing customers.


Start with changing something people are familiar with, for a faster route to market.


Test innovations with employees and partners – they are the early adopters of new products.

what you'll achieve


Identify opportunities for growth by understanding what your customers need


Test and validate ideas to make sure your customers get what they want


Streamline innovation process to get new products to market quicker


Make better business decisions based on facts and data, not assumptions

enable programme

We collaborate with academics & start-ups to transform their research into construction products.

Through market analysis and data-driven testing, we’ll help validate your ideas for new products. We’ll provide support worth £5,000 including web page building, reviewing applications and manufacturing prototypes of products.

grow programme

We assist small to medium size companies to get their products to market - fast.

We’ll analyse your market and competition so you know where you stand, and how you can disrupt it. We’ll help you establish and grow your brand, so your audience knows exactly who you are, and assist you in manufacturing your product.

scale programme

We empower businesses to achieve more with less.

We’ll help you understand your market better so you can increase your market share. We’ll create digital marketing campaigns to make sure your products get in front of the right people and help you get the best out of your team through a series of workshops and 1:1 training.

our innovations

Here's some of our latest success stories


Remote structural health monitoring of structures using wireless sensors on concrete


Eco-engineered concrete products that protect shorelines from erosion and flooding


The UK's first commercial bio-based concrete that repairs its own cracks

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