discover the power of angel investing

Building tomorrow by investing today.

in the built environment

funding success.

We’re all about smart, efficient, and eco-friendly construction. If you’ve got a novel concept focused on transforming the built environment, we’re keen to listen and potentially invest.

Our Angel Investing Journey

Early investment in new ventures is vital to help start-ups succeed. But we offer more than just financial support to new ventures – we help transform brilliant ideas into reality.

personal touch.

Our approach to angel funding is personal. It’s not just about providing financial support – we’re genuinely invested in your start-up’s growth and future.

early-stage support.

Right from your first steps, we’re beside you, ensuring you have the right support to flourish. We adapt our offering to ensure our partnership terms align with your needs.

guidance & mentorship.

With our seasoned experience, the guidance and mentorship we offer can be a game-changer for new start-ups. We provide both strategic advice and hands-on support, ensuring you navigate the challenges of your journey effectively.

expansive network.

Being part of Sensicon Ventures connects you to a vast network that can propel your start-up to greater heights. Whether you’re looking for potential clients, research collaborations, manufacturing partnerships, or even subsequent funding rounds, our connections can unlock these opportunities.

Getting Started

What we're looking for from you


You’ve got a standout product.


You’ve been up and running for a while.


You’ve got some traction, either revenue or user base.


You’ve got a solid team with a clear vision.

what next.

Ready to change the built environment landscape?

Reach Out – Drop us a line and give us a summary of you and your start-up.
Review – We’ll dive into your proposal and arrange a chat to learn more.
Pitch – If you’ve sparked our interest, we’ll invite you to do a detailed pitch.
Invest – If it’s a match, let the partnership begin!
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