Scaling innovation in the built environment to secure a sustainable future.

connected innovation

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Our award-winning team collaborates with investors, entrepreneurs and corporations to transform ideas into reality, accelerate product development, and bring sustainable and digital construction products to market in record time.


building sucess.

From product validation,  world-class marketing services and angel funding, to connecting with investors and industry partners, we’re your partner for success in the built environment.


minimising risk.

Our comprehensive innovation roadmap and digital marketing suite, paired with manufacturing capabilities, minimises investment risks and drives financial returns.


Sensicon Blue and Green Logo


We’ve generated over
£64 million in revenue over the last 5 years.


We’ve Grown Businesses from £0 to £15 million turnover.


We’ve secured over £1.5 million in grant funding for research.


We’ve claimed over £1 million R&D tax relief for businesses.


We’ve generated over 80,000 website visitors per year.


We’ve increased revenue
by 10% from open innovation.

our network & research partners

the planet

net zero & beyond.

From self-healing concrete and structural health monitoring to artificial marine habitats, we’ve turned our own ideas into world-class products – let us do the same for you.

what our clients say

We've really benefitted from your knowledge of the construction industry and insights into how to bring new products to market that are right for our business.

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